Minor Emergency

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Minor Emergency:

I made a Life Sucks strip with a similar story like this way back in High School, but that isn’t the reason why I brought this classic back.

Last night we went into the Emergency Room for our daughter as she gets this cough every single year around this time. My girlfriend was getting tired of constantly hearing doctors say “we don’t know” and it only gets worse as time goes by. When we got there they made us wait for four hours for nothing to get done. This wasn’t the first time our hospitals E.R. screwed around with us. Another instance was when my girlfriend was having heart problems and we waited nearly six hours for them to tell us nothing was wrong then.

Honestly I feel that the Emergency Room is more of a priority room as most of the time low income patients are treated lower than dirt under the soles of their feet.

I never thought I would get to remake this strip again though as I thought it was funny then and still is now.

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