True Civil War

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True Civil War:

Before anything I will admit I don’t hate DC comics, I like Wonder Woman, I think Green Arrow is kind of cool, and I’m actually a fan of a lot of the DC animated movies, but that isn’t what is being talked about here in this strip.

When it comes to the live action movies I hate DC because it really seems they only after young teens with issues as their main target. Every DC movie lately has an over brooding hero in it. Dark Knight it makes sense, but Superman? Superman spends a good majority in the Man of Steel full of self pity like watching an overgrown teenager with super powers (I believe that was the main plot of Chronicle). Arrow’s first season was Oliver brooding on a revenge list honestly the only relief from brooding heroes was Green Lantern, and that movie sucked! DC seems to be trying too hard to push everything together just to remotely come close to catching up to Marvel. You know how Marvel got successful? Through patience! They didn’t just throw heroes together into a single film, they built up the excitement one film at a time until 2012 we got the first Avengers movie and it was EPIC!

I feel that Marvel has a far better understanding of appealing to their audience. They know what their fans want and that’s their favorite super heroes being represented on the big screen as heroes! I remember being excited for the Captain America: First Avenger film. My hero Steve Rodgers, Red Skull and Bucky in World War II, it’s what I wanted to see! Now with the announcement of freaking Black Panther and Doctor Strange I can’t wait to see what they do with them. Also Marvel can deliver to movie goers. I never knew what Guardians of Galaxy was, but after watching the movie I can have high hopes that Inhumans and Captain Marvel (well I know she’s an alien, but nothing else really) Marvel cinema can both introduce me to a character I don’t know and still make me want to learn about them. Marvel clearly respects their fans enough to bring about the Civil War and the Infinity Gauntlet, but will they be able to deliver? If they keep up with what their doing now I can only say “Well duh, did you not see the first phase?”

I would love to be excited for a DC movie like I am for Marvel films, but none of them bring on enough excitement for me. The only film I liked was Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises, and that’s only because brooding Batman works for those films. I’m still probably going to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I’m not going in with high expectations, not because of Ben Affleck or Jesse Eisenberg (even though I really dislike him), but because everything I’m hearing about it is kind of weird (a Superman movie, but I’m hearing more about cameos and Batman more than S U P E R M A N ?). Only time will tell if DC will flop this up. For now I’ll stick to watching Flash until I lose interest, reattempting Arrow (friend keeps insisting I watch it) and attempting Gotham with my girlfriend.

Honestly if I really hated DC comics none of my characters would have dressed up as DC characters. I wanted to make Drew Nick Fury, but the eye patch wasn’t going to work, but I think Falcons pretty cool too.

Tell me your opinions on the whole Marvel & DC movie wars in the comments and remember to share and like my comics.


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