Buy, Sell, Scam

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Buy, Sell, Scam:

(Original release 07/05/2014)
There’s a reason I do not sell my games, and it’s because of crap like this. I spend a large portion of money on a game and if I beat it too fast I get chump change for it when I try to sell it again. What’s worse is when they give me chump change and they’re selling the game I just traded for like $5 less than it’s original price. I find in most cases it is just cheaper for me to just buy my games on Ebay than it is to deal with stingy game store owners. My last transaction was when I tried to trade in my copy of South Park the Stick of Truth as it is not a game to have with a nine year old around. They wanted to give me like $10 for it when I had spent (well my girlfriend got it as a gift) $55. It’s only a couple months old and in prime condition as I only played the game for like a week.


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