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(Original release 06/12/2014)
I can’t help but laugh at myself when I write these strips. As I mentioned in my previous strip my obsession with collecting figures just kept on growing. At one point I had no clue as to how many figures I actually owned. I was beginning to run out of room in my apartment for my figures, but it didn’t stop me from collecting them. I started turning away from collecting trading figures and focusing on scales and other high demand figure types.

Photos of my figures (keep in mind the photos are in low resolution due to lack of quality camera):

When my collection was starting to become too big I found a display table on the side of the road from the college book store.
 I called my friend to help get it to my apartment at the time.
I put it back together using my very little carpentry skill.
It turned out to be a very good shelf for holding my figures at the time.
I remember all the work I put into the shelf.
I thought I was being creative as I thought I was a dedicated enough collector to build all this for my figures.

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