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(Original release 06/15/2014)
I remember I was so nervous when I first started dating my girlfriend that she would find my hobby disturbing. But when I invited her to my home and she saw my collection, her look at me was no different than before. She was not fazed by my collection and I knew I had found the woman who loved me for me. As I moved all my figures into my new home I said goodbye to my old shelf (too big to bring over) and left my old home. Even though she accepted me and my figures some of them she had a hard time with accepting, and I decided it best to get rid of the ones she didn’t like, plus she has a child as well and some of my figures were a little too much for a young girl to see all the time. The biggest change for me was cutting back on buying figures. She tells me all the time that it’s ok if I want to buy some, but I know for a fact, that money can be put into better use. I still buy figures from time to time, but it’s not very common. Right now the only pre-order I’m expecting is my Ranko Kanzaki Figma. I don’t plan on quitting my hobby, just taking it easy as I have two important people in my life now that mean more to me than plastic figures. Also in case you don’t believe there is a life size batman in my apartment just take a look at the bottom.

The following are photos of my collection as of today (taken on my magic phone):

 Some of my Scale figure collection, mostly Tony Taka Kotobukiya

My Puella Magi Madoka Magica collection that I’m still working on to complete. Just need the Goodsmile scales and Cu-Poches of the primary characters and I’m done collecting Puella Magi stuff.

All my other figures I own. Mostly Kotobukiya and S.H. Figuarts in this picture.

 Play Arts Kai mini collection
 Tales of Series Nendo Petit
 My girlfriends dresser area
 TV stand. My first Nendoroid Sena
 More of my Nendoroids and Figmas
 My Idolm@ster shrine basically
 Nendoroids are a favorite of mine
 My collection isn’t limited to just anime
 Some more super hero scales
Nendoroid wall cabinet

My work desk with big Kirari. Where I do homework and create JODDAS VAPD strips every week.

Above my work area

The Life size Batman Cut out that sits in our room.

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