5+1 Flags

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5+1 Flags:

(Original release 07/01/2014)
Before I end this little tale about theme parks I wanted to make sure this strip was made. There was one thing that blew my mind when we went to six flags and that was getting off every ride and ending up inside of a gift shop. I find it such a bizarre method of getting people to buy souvenir. I think the one that really blew my mind was getting off this water ride thing and seeing towels for $25. I turn to the sales girl and asked for a free test ride to see if it was worth the price. I thought it was more of a pain in the ass getting on a ride then rushing out of a crowded gift shop. At least museums do it right and make it the last thing before you leave their building, but there’s literally a gift shop after every ride, and separate physical shops scattered all over the place.


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