Job Hunt Saga Pt 5

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Job Hunt Saga Pt 5 Finale:

(Original release 05/22/2014)
Kind of an anti climactic end to the Job Hunt Saga. I had a hard time coming up with a good ending for this. As much as I love David I could not simply say he got a job the end, as that is not how positive the job market is. The only realistic conclusion I can think of is David getting a job at some fast food chain. As that would be a real conclusion it is not really something positive I can honestly tell my audience. The job market toys around with job seekers to the point where fast food and restaurant jobs are the only places that we can turn to. I personally hate job hunting as it can take nearly forever to ever get anything, and when you do get something it’s too risky to leave your job.

The reason I chose David instead of Dan for this saga is because I wanted to show how terrible job hunting is. Dan who personifies an average (albeit sarcastic) person does not show off who I actually am. David on the other hand is the smart hard working personification of me and my actual real life friend David. As David is smart and unwilling to give up on things, his belief in finding a job is broken into the harsh reality.

Personally I look forward to getting my degree, and avoid ever having to go through the annoyance of job hunting again. It’s awful, and too many companies treat employees and customers like utter trash.


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