Job Hunt Saga Pt 1

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Job Hunt Saga Pt 1:

(original release 05/16/2014)

I really hate how stupid and unfair the job market is these days. Hard working people end up working for some jerk off boss for a pay that is hardly worth working for. What makes things worse is that most of us can’t simply quit our jobs in pursuit of something else that easily. I hate it more that people trying to achieve good education are given the eternal middle finger when it comes to finding good decent jobs, simply because their education comes before the desires of companies needs. In this five part mini story you will see just how annoying the job market is in a small town (and how stupid). If you know exactly how hard work is to find you will enjoy this mini story that is coming up.

Also you will notice that frames are a lot more organized now than in previous strips. I decided to make new templates to work on.


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