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(Original release 05/13/2014

Next to Role Playing Games (RPG) I love playing fighting games. My personal favorite being Dead or Alive 5. As I play a lot of fighting games I feel that most female characters are highly sexualized to a point where some characters just look slutty. I love playing fighting games, but I feel a sense of shame whenever I’m playing as Ryu and then I switch over to Cammy in Street Fighter. Some characters I ponder as to how they are not considered nudes such as Morrigan and Felicia from Dark Stalkers. Neither one of those two, especially Felicia, look to be wearing anything at all. I usually enjoy picking a character I have a fun time playing as (usually someone who is well balanced that does not have overly complex button inputs). It can be embarrassing when someone walks in on me and I’m playing Mai in King of Fighters watching her fun bags flop around in her outfit that looks too big for her (somehow). When I play my main Kokoro in Dead or Alive 5 I usually pick her kimono or school uniform as they are less embarrassing for anyone to walk in seeing, and it leaves more imagination in the mind. I hate it when I see the string bikini costume designs on a female character, because all I can think about is how uncomfortable it must be to fight knowing there’s a long piece of fabric running up your crack. I’m not saying all female characters are bad: Chun-Li (Street Fighter), Noel (BlazBlue), and Hilde (Soul Calibur) are good examples. They are fun to play as, interesting characters, and still leave a lot to imagine. If we had more characters with more respectable designs it would make it easier for everyone to enjoy all the great fighting games that exist. As for the Bridget character, we can do with less trap characters in my opinion.


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