The Riff of Thrones

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The Riff of Thrones: (Original release 05/08/2014) Originally Ophelia was a character I created after college, but never used her. I believe I only have one strip I ever used her in. So I decided to use her design with some alterations for the personification of my lovely woman in my life. David I changed from his old lab suit design to a more casual dress shirt to remind myself that my characters are now slightly older from their original designs.     As for this strip itself, I will admit I am not the best person to bring into a movie or show I have no interest in. As someone who lovesMystery Science Theatre 3000Cinematic Titanic, and Rifftrax, it can be difficult to shut me up during a bad movie/television show. This drives my girlfriend up the wall, but the biggest crime is when I do this during Game of Thrones. I just cannot get myself to enjoy it no matter how hard I try. I do not know if it is due to the lack of watching the first three seasons, or my disinterest in the fantasy setting. Every time I watch the show I keep thinking the show is trying to go for shock with its constant cursing and nudity. However, I will watch this series with my girlfriend, because I know she (and many other people) enjoy the series, but it still does not stop me from making a few jokes now and then.   For more up to date JODDAS VAPD strips visit:

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