The Fantasy Has Died

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The Fantasy Has Died:

(released 05/06/2014)

To me the Final Fantasy series will always remain as one of my favorite series. It is the series that opened me up to the world of video games and anime. I remember being in the third grade always hoping my older brother would turn on the Playstation and pop in Final Fantasy VII for me to watch. I played every Final Fantasy from 1-13 (with the exception of 11. Never beat 2 o 3 unfortunately). I notice the series fall after Final Fantasy X, Square found it necessary to release X-2. I let it slide saying it was a sequel and most of the time sequels never reach the standards of the original. The eleventh installment made me feel like it was only catering to the financially stable, but XII and XIII is what finally turned my fantasy into a harsh reality, the creators do not seem to care anymore. I no longer feel engaged in the story anymore, because the gameplay is taken out forcing me to just watch over the top obscure stories. I have found some gems like Final Fantasy IV After Years and Dissidia, but those are not main titles. I keep hoping Final Fantasy will go back to its original roots of strategic (not overly complex/auto) gameplay with a touching simplistic story. The fans are the ones that will make the stories complex and over the top for you SquareEnix.

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