Banana Split Flavored Oreos

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Banana Split Flavored Oreos:

(Original release 05/09/2014)

I swear, every trip to the grocery stores junk food aisles is like walking through Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Candy Land, and Munchkin Land. Every time I go to the grocery store I discover something new. I will spend a long time pondering in my head how some of today’s food products got the seal of approval to exist. The biggest offender for me is Oreos. I don’t even really care for Oreos, but tell me there’s a Blizzard Oreo flavored Oreo, and I will rush to the nearest grocery store to hunt it down. I have chomped down: lemon, mint, marshmallow, berry smoothie, birthday cake, cookie dough, raspberry, and even fruit punch flavored oreos. I am always intrigued by unusual snack designs. Just so you know banana split flavored oreos don’t exist, but damnit they should!

Update: Since making this strip it was discovered that there is in fact an Banana Split Flavored Oreo.


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